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What you will find at Jane Ayer Public Relations:

Prime Time Credentials

Founded in 1991, Jane Ayer Public Relations (JAPR) is a leading public relations marketing agency that provides successful campaigns for entertainment and interactive companies. The firm is headquartered in Los Angeles, the hub of the entertainment world and most recently classified as the country's "digital coast." Harnessing the convergence between the entertainment, new media and information industries, the agency has a reputation for its creativity and market-driven campaigns.

Interactive is an important part of the focus at JAPR. The agency understands this fast-growing and rapidly-changing business sector, and knows how to make use of it in a company's overall marketing strategy. The team at JAPR knows what it takes to be successful in this new space. Comdex, Internet World, and similar conferences have long been a part of the agency's client positioning.

Jane Ayer and her seasoned team of professionals understand both traditional and new media, and are expert at leveraging both to the clients' advantage. Clients get the experience, the contacts, and the personal attention of top executives. The team at JAPR taps a formidable network developed while directing campaigns for some of the biggest names in the entertainment, interactive, and corporate worlds. It is these personal relationships that translate into feature stories, TV and radio spots, and on-line coverage for clients.
A Diverse Client Roster

The diverse client roster includes familiar names in the film and television, home video, music, interactive and multimedia, publishing, consumer electronics, and environmental industries. In the entertainment arena, JAPR has handled directors from Steven Spielberg to Cameron Crowe; actors from Jimmy Stewart to Kevin Costner; artists from The Rolling Stones to Chuck Berry; companies from Sony to MCA. Music clients have included Atlantic Records, Digital Music Express, Ray Manzarek of The Doors, and Elton John's Rocket Records. Video clients have included: Columbia TriStar Home Video, Buena Vista Home Video, and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

In the interactive and multimedia industries, the agency has created successful campaigns for such companies as Attica Cybernetics, BoxTop Interactive, Cloud 9 Interactive, Compton's New Media, Conference on Interactive Marketing, Home Shopping Network Corporation, cartoonnetwork.com, iVisit videoconferencing software, MGM Interactive, and Turner Interactive.
A Leader in the Interactive Industry and An Established Name in Entertainment Publicity

JAPR specializes in developing campaigns for Web sites and for new products in new markets. This specialty was born out of the extensive previous training of Jane Ayer and her team.

The training began right after journalism school for Jane Ayer. She joined Atlantic Records, promoting some of the biggest names in the industry - including Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, and more. She then was hired to handle Elton John's record label in London and Los Angeles.

Jane Ayer segued from the music industry into the burgeoning video field. A decade before founding the agency, she was one of the first publicists to take the home video revolution to the media. Her efforts led to a Newsweek cover story on home video and a Grammy award for her pioneering client, Michael Nesmith's Pacific Arts. In 1993, she headed up public relations at MCA/Universal Home Entertainment, where she directed campaigns for over 600 videocassette titles, including some of the biggest-selling videos of all time, such as E.T. and Back To The Future. The background of other JAPR team members is similarly extensive. JAPR account executives have experience in music, film and television, interactive and new media, and numerous other areas within the corporate sector.

In the agency's early years, JAPR helped launch the next wave in in-flight entertainment, Matsushita Avionics' System 2000, an in-seat video technology. A blitz of media coverage included CNN, NBC, The Wall Street Journal, and The International Herald Tribune. The agency subsequently handled all press relations for the first Conference On Interactive Marketing, working with Philips Interactive Media, Apple Computer, Home Shopping Network Corporation, and TV Answer to make sure all companies were represented by the media.

Having handled both music and video, JAPR next added film credits to the roster. The agency managed the U.S. and international public relations campaign for Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll, the Chuck Berry film directed by Taylor Hackford. JAPR has created a string of successful Oscar(R) campaigns from Four Weddings & A Funeral to the Nick Park Oscar(R) winning films. Other agency campaigns have involved film festivals, such as the Sundance Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, the Flanders International Film Festival, and the Palm Springs International Film Festival.
A Team of PR Professionals Journalists Respect

At the beginning of this new century, JAPR is a public relations leader in the interactive and multimedia world. Journalists who cover the interactive space know and respect the JAPR team. They understand that when JAPR "calls," there is a credible story lead waiting. In the fast-paced world of on-line media, journalists appreciate that JAPR speaks their language and knows their needs.
Results You Can Count On

Highly visible results -- print and broadcast placements -- are the objective of every JAPR campaign. Visibility means increased consumer awareness, sales, market share, increased Web site traffic, a better image, new customers, and opportunities. Get one of these, and you get lots of other good things.

In 1994, JAPR spearheaded a publicity campaign for the then little-known British animator Nick Park and his Oscar(R)-nominated short film, The Wrong Trousers, starring the clay-animated characters Wallace and Gromit. The Wrong Trousers won an Oscar(R) that year, one of a total of four Oscar(R) nominations and three Oscar(R) wins for Park between 1991 and 1997. The popularity and success of Wallace and Gromit has since swept America and the world like no other characters since Mickey and Minnie Mouse. JAPR in summer 2000 is publicizing Park's first feature animated film, Chicken Run, being released by DreamWorks SKG, starring Mel Gibson and Julia Sawahla.

The agency's animation expertise has crossed over to the Web with campaigns for Web sites including that of Wild Brain, the country's premiere independent animation studio. JAPR is currently generating a national campaign for wildbrain.com, a Web channel showcasing the best in animation programming from around the world.

JAPR's creative campaigns for The Lion King, E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial, and Back to the Future helped make those amongst the best selling home videos of all-time. JAPR has also spearheaded highly successful campaigns for top-selling animation videos such as Anastasia, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella plus box-office hits Jerry Maguire, Men In Black, Godzilla, The Mask of Zorro, and the Academy Award-winning As Good As It Gets. In the DVD arena, JAPR has handled creative campaigns for such titles as Sleepless in Seattle, Ghostbusters, and Easy Rider.
An Individualized Approach, Tailored to Your Needs

JAPR creates a media strategy tailored to the specific needs of each client. The approach is to target the most effective media mix, the publications and broadcast outlets that fit with the message, carry weight, influence, and provide the best visibility. Quality media is favored over quantity. Niche audiences with the keenest interest in your story are actively sought. Campaign objectives are flexible enough for updating, if need be, as the campaign progresses. Progress is monitored on a regular basis and documented in client reports.

JAPR works with you and your marketing team to tell your story in the most compelling and imaginative way. Whatever the client goal, the agency designs a campaign to address it, whether it is product introduction, enhancing an image, popularizing it, or developing a completely new identity or style. Special attention is given to positioning products or messages against the competition and giving companies a clear -- and winning -- identity.

JAPR is a full-service agency. Services range from press releases and media tours to the latest in global satellite teleconferencing.
A Full Range of Capabilities and Services

Capabilities include:
• Conventions, trade shows
• Corporate strategy, planning, message positioning
• Crisis management
• Electronic press kits
• Events and event planning
• Feature, trend, news, and technical stories
• Graphic design
• Major market media tours -- U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe, Australia
• Major meetings, seminars
• Management of client media programs
• Media relations for on-line and off-line
• Media training o Newsletters o On-line marketing services
• Press conferences, special events
• Press junkets
• Press kits
• Press releases and press release distribution
• Satellite media tours
• Speaking engagements
• Speech writing
• Unit publicity
• Web site media registration systems
Creative Campaigns That Get You Noticed

Getting your story through the glut of information these days takes a fresh approach. That is one of the benefits of the personal service at JAPR. The extra time and attention produces more focused and creative strategies. From unusual settings for press conferences to offbeat events and bold presentations, JAPR looks for new angles and innovative solutions to client media needs.
A Global Reach

In addition to national media, JAPR also provides international publicity services. Experienced in distributing news worldwide, staging press conferences, convention publicity, and press junkets in Canada, Europe, and Australia, the agency helps clients plan their media strategies to take advantage of opportunities in the increasingly global marketplace. Through an affiliated company in London and its other international contacts, JAPR offers a springboard to the U.K. media market on a base to tackle the vast potential of the new European Community. International experience includes handling the publicity for The Flanders International Film Festival, Channel Four, Granada Television, and dozens of BBC titles.

The JAPR team comes from a global perspective. The founder and president, Jane Ayer, was born in England. She maintains her European connections by providing publicity for clients and as a Board member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Others on the JAPR team have served abroad as foreign correspondents for the media, and have substantial expertise in publicizing news abroad. The JAPR team is skilled at tapping its extensive network of international resources in order to tell clients' stories - knowing how to make the most efficient use of international news release distribution and other media services.
An Approach Emphasizing Personal Relations

Consumer attitudes in the new millennium demand flexibility, authenticity, and an understanding of niche markets. The slick, generic approach is being replaced by one that connects on a human level. JAPR gives clients the personal dimension that provides the service they need and the connection their market demands. At the same time, the streamlined operations at JAPR provide cost efficiency and other economies of scale.

For a visible difference -- clients select Jane Ayer Public Relations.

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